Generac 6596 review

It’s not just your car that can benefit from a blast with a pressure washer. Many homeowners embrace the all-round cleaning solution offered by these nifty appliances.

For light cleaning needs, electric pressure washers are the default option. If you are looking for something with a little more kick, go gas instead.

Generac are a leading brand in the field of jet washers and the 6596 is the latest in their residential line.

Generac 6596 Review

We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of this Generac 6596 gas-powered pressure washer so you can see if this model suits your cleaning needs.


  • Outstanding cleaning power for a residential pressure washer
  • 2800 psi maximum water pressure deals with even demanding applications
  • 2.5 GPM means powerful flow rate
  • 4 nozzles affords you total flexibility: 0-degree, 25-degree, 40 degree and soap
  • Integrated detergent tank gives you the convenience of onboard storage for your detergent
  • Hose connections straightforward due to position of pump well above ground
  • 10-inch wheels mean this power washer is extremely portable. Combined with the gas engine so you do not need a power point, this washer goes anywhere fuss-free
  • 25 foot PVC hose gives you great reach
  • Ergonomic spray gun
  • Superb value for money


  • Hose can be prone to breaking
  • As with all gas-powered pressure washers, it’s noisy and not suitable for use indoors
  • Gives off some emissions

With pressure washers, there are two critical measurements:

  • Water pressure measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Water flow measured in gallons per minute (GPM)

The 6596 delivers 2880 PSI which is extremely impressive. With water pressure like this, you can clean anything you want without breaking a sweat.

The water flow is an outstanding 2.5 GPM. If you have any stubborn cleaning jobs, the combination of the pressure and flow is a winner.

Power-wise, the Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine is more than capable at 196CC. You’ll get both the cleaning power you need and the reliability that’s essential in a power washer.

Gas-powered, you won’t be restricted to a power point. This makes the 6596 perfect for cleaning in large gardens or outside areas where an electricity supply is hard to find.

Although it’s a bulky unit at just under 62 pounds, the 10-inch wheels mean that moving the 6596 around is a breeze. The 25-foot hose is more than long enough for most purposes.

The axial cam pump has easy access hose connections meaning you can make a change without needing to kneel down.

With 4 easy to connect nozzles, your main bases are all covered…

  • 40 degrees: gentle cleaning
  • 25 degrees: regular cleaning duties
  • 0 degrees: hard-to-reach areas

The fourth attachment is for soap.

The detergent tank is inbuilt. This ½ inch tank means you can carry your solution as you clean for maximum convenience.

The spray gun is designed with ergonomics in mind. The grip is nicely cushioned meaning no blistered hands after prolonged jet washing sessions. The spray trigger is nice and easy to pull so you won’t get tired in a hurry.

If you’re looking for a medium-duty pressure washer which is powerful, affordable and built to last, give some serious thought to the Generac 6596. It’s one of the best gas-powered washers on the market.


We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Generac 6596 pressure washer. If you’re looking for a residential jet washer with the rugged power of a more commercial model, the 6596 will not disappoint.

You’re welcome to get in touch if you’ve got any comments or queries. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Happy jet washing!

Cervantes Ty C.