Generac 6602 Review

Pressure washers make extremely flexible cleaning solutions.

Many people instinctively use their jet washes for keeping the car gleaming but you can also take it out into the garden and blast off everything from patios and paving slabs through to driveways and decking.

If you feel that electric pressure washers are somewhat limiting, the obvious alternative is something powered by a gasoline engine.

Generac consistently produce top-notch pressure washers and the 6602 is one of the best in its class.

Generac 6602 Review

This Generac 6602 gas-powered pressure washer generates remarkably positive user reviews. We will look now at the long list of benefits along with a glimpse at the few drawbacks worth mentioning.


  • PowerDial Variable Pressure dial so you can easily adjust the intensity of the spray
  • 3100 PSA water pressure gives you all the power you need
  • 2.8 GPM flow rate lets water gush out when you need it
  • 3 spray tips: 0-degree, 25-degree, and soap
  • Onboard 3/4 gallon detergent tank for your convenience
  • 212CC engine develops 5.5 HP and is powerful enough to clean bricks and cut through deep grime
  • Axial Cam Pump well placed allowing easy connection of hoses
  • 11-inch never-flat wheels let you roll your jet washer anywhere, even on rugged terrain
  • 30 foot high pressure hose longer than most similar models
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Very user-friendly controls on consolidated panel
  • Highly economical using little fuel


  • Kicks out a lot of noise so think where you will use this pressure washer
  • Not the cheapest option

At 3100 PSI, the Generac 6602 has ample water pressure for almost anything you can throw its way.

The other measurement that counts with the best pressure washers is the water flow. Coming out at 2.8 GPM, the 6602 sees off most of the competition in this regard.

The winning combination of high water pressure and generous flow rate means that with the 6602, you can take care of cleaning tasks that would normally need a commercial jet washer instead.

The Generac has a 212CC OHV engine which is the most powerful for this class of residential pressure washer. Giving out 5 BHP, you’ll slice through caked-on dirt in no time. The downside of such a powerful engine is noise. This power washer is not quiet but you’ll more than reap the rewards when it comes to performance.

Since gas-fuelled units don’t need any fixed power supply, you’ll be free to roam with the 6602. If you need to clean your boat down at the jetty or the patio down your garden, you won’t be held back by a limited cord and the need for a plug point.

You get a choice of just 3 nozzles with the 6602. Opt for 0 degrees for any awkward spots you need to reach. All standard cleaning is great at 25 degrees. Your third nozzle is for soap.

There’s an inbuilt, drainable detergent tank for your ease. This can be very quickly emptied and cleaned out with a garden hose.

The folding handle makes this jet washer perfect for those with limited storage space.

A PowerDial Variable Pressure Control allows you to make easy adjustments to the pressure. By turning the dial, you can tweak the spray intensity and tailor it to your precise cleaning requirements.

The Generac 6602 is a heavyweight unit offering you total flexibility when it comes to jet washing even challenging projects. Although it’s not the cheapest pressure washer on the market, it represents superb value for money.


We hope you found this review of the Generac 6602 pressure washer useful and informative. Gas-powered jet washers are an increasingly popular choice and, with the 6602, you should have more than enough power for most reasonable cleaning needs.

Feel free to drop us a line with your feedback or questions. We respond to all queries as promptly as possible.

Now get some fuel and put your 6602 through its paces!

Cervantes Ty C.