How to Efficiently Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers, whether you go for a gas or electric model, will clean pretty much anything you throw their way. You’ll get the job done in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than cleaning by hand.

Not only do they get the job done quickly, they can inject a bit of fun into the mundane task of cleaning.

Knowing how to use a pressure washer efficiently is not rocket science.

If you associate pressure washers with cleaning your car, think beyond that as they have a wide number of applications. Whether it’s cleaning the site at work or washing down your patio, blasting the decking or hosing down your boat, jet washers are extremely versatile.

An electric model is quiet, environmentally friendly and man enough for most normal residential cleaning needs. On the downside, you will obviously be restricted to cleaning within easy reach of a power supply.

For heavier-duty commercial cleaning jobs, gas-powered pressure washers are the obvious choice. You can roam freely untethered by any power issues. They are noisy, though. Gas jet washers can also give out fumes so be certain that this is in line with what you want from your pressure washer.

If you are aware of certain simple methods and techniques, you can use your pressure washer more efficiently and effectively. We’ll give you some handy hints for maximum cleaning results.

But before that, why are pressure washers so good?

What are the Benefits of a Pressure Washer?

Here are some of the benefits of pressure washers which combine to make them indispensable when it comes to a wide range of cleaning duties in the home and at work.

  • Highly Versatile: You can keep all your vehicles pristine. From bikes and motorbikes through to cars and boats, with a pressure washer you can get them all gleaming. They are also perfect for patios, decking, concrete and brickwork as well as commercial cleaning projects
  • Easy to Use: These devices are very user-friendly. With a pressure washer, you can clean even hard-to-reach areas like walls or windows fuss-free. Operation is as simple as pulling a trigger. Anyone can use a pressure washer with ease
  • Environmentally Friendly: Pressure washers are a green cleaning solution as no harmful chemicals are used. Electric models are the most eco-friendly. Get things clean without worrying about your footprint
  • Target Cleaning: You focus on one area and clean it. It is as simple as that. The pressure applied by these devices helps you clean your driveways, a section of your outside wall or anything else that needs attention
  • Cost Effective: Pressure washers, if you buy wisely, are a one-time investment you can use for years. You’ll have no need to keep buying expensive cleaning solutions. Choose the right model and you’ll enjoy free cleaning for a long time

How to Use Your Pressure Washer More Efficiently

When you use a pressure washer for the first time, it can seem slightly intimidating.

If you think carefully about a few basic elements, you can use your pressure washer more efficiently and get maximum benefit from your purchase with minimum effort.

Make light work of your cleaning duties and have some fun at the same time.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

If you think ahead to what you will clean, you can make more efficient use of your pressure washer.

Examine any potential weak points around windows or eaves, any flowers or other delicate objects. Check for any spots where water could leak in.

Think carefully about how you will clean and you can get superior results.

Water Supply

It’s absolutely crucial to check your water supply before investing in a pressure washer.

You need to make certain that your designated water supply will deliver the GPM (gallons per minute) required by the pressure washer.

Pressure washers all have different specifications and varying requirements. They all need a certain quantity of water in order to create the desired pressure.

Therefore, make sure you check this out and get the right jet washer for the job. Whether you want a gas-powered beast for the construction site or the quieter if less powerful electric power washer, look closely at the GPM rating.


Tighten all the all the hose connections properly so that air cannot enter in the lines.

This is one mistake made by many beginners. There is a tendency to keep the hose connection loose which simply doesn’t generate the desired pressure.

Put your back into it and secure all fittings very tightly for superior performance.

Choose The Right Nozzle For The Job

If you want to use your pressure washer efficiently, you’ll need to get the nozzle or tip right.

There are two core purposes for the interchangeable spray tips you’ll get with your pressure washer:

  • Lower the pressure then draw in the detergent
  • High pressure rinsing

Color-coded tips vary from 0 degrees through to 45 degrees.

The smaller the angle, the more powerful blast you will get.

For stubborn stains, stick to 0. If you need a lighter touch, simply widen the angle.

Getting the right nozzle for your needs is key to effective use of your pressure washer.

Prevent Kick Back or Recoil

When you start the washer, make sure you set the spray wand to a no-pressure or low-pressure setting. This is will help you prevent you any kind of recoil or kick back.

The last thing you want when you are cleaning is an unexpected blast of power pushing into you. Start slowly and ease your way in.

Being steady as you operate the pressure washer is crucial for efficient use.

Position the Spray Properly

To begin with, position the tip of the spray at least 2 feet away from the surface.

Once it’s up and running, slowly bring the tip closer to the surface. Go gently and ease your way in.

If you have it too close to the surface from the get-go, you might end up damaging the nozzle.

Get The Angle Right

Make sure you position the nozzle at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface. This will help to wash the loosened debris away.

Once it’s comfortably at this angle, press the trigger and away you go.

Using the proper angle is key to using your pressure washer efficiently.

Get Maximum Coverage

Don’t stick one particular point unless you are specifically focusing on it. In general, move the nozzle from one side to another.

The idea is to cover as much area as possible with the least effort.

Applying Detergent

Apply detergent on the surface.

You need to wait for at least 3 minutes for the detergent to soak and then start rinsing.

Make sure, you don’t wait for too long or the detergent will dry out.

Spray water from a top-down position to rinse the surface.


These are some general tips which will help you to get the very most out of your pressure washer.

Please make sure you refer to the user manuals for the guidelines specified by the brand you have purchased.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or feedback. We’re always very happy to hear from our readers.

Happy cleaning!

Cervantes Ty C.