Sun Joe SPX3000 Review

Keeping your patio and car sparkling clean has never been easier. Snow Joe are an outdoor tool specialist who offer the Sun Joe SPX3000 as part of their comprehensive range.

Electric pressure washers are fairly standard for residential use. The drawback is that you will be limited by the need to be close to a power point. With only a 20-foot hose, you might find that your progress is hindered slightly.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Review

On the plus side for an electric model, the motor is pleasingly potent at 14.5 amps. If you want a great deal of raw power in a dinky, compact unit, the SPX3000 is a smart choice.

We’ll take a glance now at the major advantages of the SPX3000 pressure washer along with an honest look at the handful of downsides reported by users.


  • Superb cleaning power rating at over 3000 to keep things gleaming
  • 2030psi maximum water pressure handles even heavy stains
  • 1.76gpm adequate flow for most home-based cleaning
  • 5 nozzles to choose from with varying pressure levels and spray widths for complete versatility
  • 34-inch extension wand allows you to access any hard-to-reach areas with ease
  • Outstanding accessories offer great value for money: soap reservoir and soap level selector, lengthy cord and hose, spray gun holster
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient cleaning
  • Very powerful 14.5 amp (120 volt) motor for maximum cleaning capability
  • Total stop system for your safety
  • Very cheap and awesome value for money


  • Plastic connections are not so durable
  • Cold water only (standard for electric pressure washers)
  • 20-foot hose is slightly limiting

The two main things you want to look out for with any pressure washer are the water pressure measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and the water flow in gallons per minute (GPM).

The SPX3000 can kick out 2030 PSI at full tilt. This is a higher maximum water pressure than you’ll normally get with an electric model.

The water flow is equally impressive coming in at 1.76 GPM. While this is certainly not on a par with industrial pressure washers, it’s more than respectable for a unit intended for home use.

You’ll enjoy 5 color-coded quick-connect nozzles with this jet wash. The colors relate to the angles measured in degrees. Angled at 40 degrees, you can get a gentle clean when you need it. 25 degrees caters for most general cleaning duties. If you have a particularly stubborn job, the 15 degree nozzle works a treat. For any awkward and hard-to-reach areas, dial it back to 0 degrees. The fifth nozzle is specifically designed for applying detergent. You are spoiled for choice with the Sun Joe pressure washer.

In addition to this wide choice of nozzles, you’ll get a 34-inch extension wand thrown in too. This fits neatly into the spray gun to maximize your reach.

You will get two removable detergent tanks with this model. This allows you to use different detergent in each tank. You can adjust the suction volume of your cleaning solution with a handy dial.

With a full 2-year warranty, you can buy with absolute confidence.

If you want an environmentally friendly pressure washer that gives out zero emissions at the point of use, think long and hard about the Sun Joe SPX3000. It’s worth a place on any short list of the best residential jet washers.


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Cervantes Ty C.